Sunday, October 3, 2010


I am the anti-fan of Mozart, although I will say he was at least a pretty interesting guy.  Did you know he also had tourettes?  (I'm sure I just butchered that spelling)
True story.  If you've seen the movie Amadeus, his laughter in that movie may not have been too far from the truth.  It actually goes much, much deeper than that:
He actually wrote a song titled "Leck mich im Arsch" which, literally translated, is "Lick me in the anus."
He was also known to say very, very dirty things--for instance, in a letter to his cousin, writing "I will shit on your nose so it runs down your chin".
Maybe Mozart had tourettes?  Maybe he was just one dirty-minded guy?
Just a short thought for the day!

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Great music programs

Just thought I'd let any fellow composers in on a few tricks of the trade.
Several programs that are absolutely necessary for the serious music composer:
Either A. Sibelius or B. Finale.
Yes, they cost money.  They are not free.  You have to spend money to make money.  I personally use Sibelius, but Finale is just as good.  They both do basically the same thing--allow you to set up a professional-looking score with any instrument you can imagine.
Now, if you want to make your music SOUND professional, you have to spend much more money.
At this website, you can buy the best programs money can buy.  I strongly recommend buying either EWQLSO (an orchestra program) or Colossus.  These programs plug into Sibelius very easily, and allow you to put real sounds to your music.  They are absolutely wonderful.  For movie score composing, I highly suggest also buying other programs from the same site--at the moment, I own EWQLSO, EWQLSChoirs (very complicated, incredibly worth it), Ministry of Rock (for metal and rock), Voices of Passion and RA (both amazing for writing world music), Stormdrum (nearly essential for ANY type of music), and Dark Skies (a huge group of sound effects for horror movies).  To see how these sound in action, check out:
The sounds really are spectacular.  Happy composing!